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Dear diary , i lost my mood today .
Monday, 4 July 2011 | 0 comment(s)

Hello korang i means my diary : [

I really don't have my mood today , i search my mood at every place .
But still , i didn't find my mood .
Dear mood , please come back to me .
I want to smile like the real me .
This is not the real me , i miss the real me .
Please mood , don't treat me like this .
I hate being like this , where everyone keep asking me why i being like this ?
Where everyone pretend to be nice to me : [
I wonder why , i wonder why ? Why they being like this when i being like this ?
Dear mood , please i can't stand it any more : [
Dear mood , Please come back to me ?
I just want to smile like usual ? My lips can't stand with the fake smile .
Hoping that you read this ? 
Wonder why ? 
Why you do this to me ?
 Why ? 

Arieee  :]

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